The Mirror’s Touch

by Jackie Notter

Bailey O’Donnell is adjusting to her new identity, and role, in a thousand-year hunt against a deadly foe called the Dread. A cursed people who become homicidal if deprived of sex for longer than three days. She’s gifted with the Mirror’s Touch, which allows her to feel a Dread’s movements as if her own. This power helps her family identify and track their prey.

After years of intense physical training and emotional isolation, Bailey is resigned to a lifetime of loneliness only to find herself falling madly in love with a Dread. She’ll fight to keep her boyfriend’s curse in check, especially since she feels everything he experiences during their sizzling sexual escapades.

Sleeping with the enemy has never been more risqué.

Warning: Sizzling sex scenes

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Markus Taylor writes under the pen name Jackie Notter. He lives at Alki Beach, Seattle with his boyfriend, Marc.

His silent writing partner is the main editor for this book. She also helped make sure the female characters were true to life.

Awards: Markus won a 2019 Independent Publisher Book Award. for his book Pop Secrets. The awards ceremony was held March 28th, 2019 at the Copacabana in Times Square. He accepted the award on behalf of his silent co-author and himself.

Interview Notes For Reviewers

Wasn’t Jackie Notter murdered at the end of Pop Secrets? When did she write this book?
According to the opening sentence of Pop Secrets she was. Either her brother found this manuscript, or she’s not dead and is hiding out at Brixton’s new house. I like to think it’s the later.

Aren’t you trivializing mirror-touch synesthesia?
Absolutely not. This is a fictional hyper form of the condition.

Is Don Trentino a real Sicilian mafia boss?
Oh lord no. He is fictional. If he resembles any real Sicilian mafia bosses it is just a horrible coincidence.